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The Mission

Welcome! We’re a team of experienced doctors and engineers dedicated to simplifying the process of capturing and managing images and videos of client results, freeing up aesthetic professionals’ time to focus on treating clients.

The Service

Effortlessly create a stunning portfolio of before-and-afters with iMed App - no special skills required! Easily publish to your website, social media, or iMed Showcase - our sleek new online presence which further promotes your brand, improves your SEO, and helps engage new customers.

Integrated Tools

Experience the power of iMed Cloud Services with our easy-to-use mobile application. We have designed this interface with the user experience at the forefront of our minds, allowing you to easily create media content with a consistent brand style, all through a simple one-time configuration.
Automate your workflow for maximum efficiency!

Check Out These Key Features:

Auto Hide

Leverage the power of iMed's neural network to automatically detect and blur or pixelate eyes and nipples on photos and videos.

Auto Align

Automatically aligns, crops, and stitches images, while also allowing fine manual control.

Auto Layout

Content type detection technology suggests the perfect collage layout for your work. Get professional-looking results with minimal effort.


Secure your creations with highly customizable watermarks featuring your logo or any text of your choice.

Text & Hashtags

Make your message stand out with text overlays. Add a description and auto generate hashtags for maximum visibility.

Markup Tool

Mark up your before-and-afters with ease using our native drawing tools.

Logo Stamp

If you are a business or brand owner, replace iMed's logo with your own to ensure that all your practitioners are creating content under your brand.

Background Cleaner

Say goodbye to dirty or bloody backgrounds! One-click background removal, powered by modern IT technology.

Audio Overlays

Enhance your content with engaging voiceovers and explanatory speeches to make it even more attractive.

Available Plans


10 free works each month

  • All editing tools
  • Limited storage (HIPAA)
  • 10 before-afters monthly
  • iMed's logo on collages


  • All editing tools
  • Unlimited editing
  • Unlimited storage (HIPAA)
  • A dedicated personal page
  • 3,000 public works in gallery
  • Your brand logo stamp
  • Updates & new features


  • All editing tools
  • Unlimited editing
  • Unlimited storage (HIPAA)
  • A dedicated business page
  • 15,000 public works in gallery
  • Your brand logo stamp
  • Updates & new features
  • Access for staff & promoters

Getting the App

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